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Terms: When expressing interest in an item, readers are asked to provide by e-mail their full name and address and their maximum offer in $US. When offers are accepted, a PayPal invoice is issued, with the cost of postage and packing added. Further information on individual items is available upon request, and general enquiries about other books and magazines which may be available are also welcome.

For items marked   even relatively modest offers are welcome.

Latest update: 22 February 2019.

Games, History and Lore

Wonderboy (Carlsen) by S. Adgestein (2004). Signed by Magnus Carlsen and Simen Agdestein.

Schachmentor by L. Bachmann (1904).

Šachs Latvijā by K. Bētiņš, A. Kalniņš and V. Petrovs (Riga, 1940).

Cours d’échecs by I. Calvi. Five nineteenth-century handwritten volumes (not in Calvi’s hand). 788 pages. See C.N. 11082.

books magazines

books magazines

Petrosian’s Best Games of Chess 1946-1963 by P.H. Clarke (1973). Signed by Peter Hugh Clarke.

Amos Burn, the Quiet Chessmaster by R.N. Coles (1983).

The Chess Players’ Compendium by W. Cook. (Fifth edition, published in Philadelphia).

Chess and Playing-Cards by S. Culin (1976 reprint). 

The War of the Chessmen by Ercole del Rio (English translation by Christopher Becker). Limited numbered edition (1984).

Chess The History of a Game by R. Eales (1985). Signed by Richard Eales.

Instruktive Skak-Haandboger. Nr. 1 Centrum by J. Enevoldsen (1944). 

Modern Chess Brilliancies by L. Evans (1994). Signed by Larry Evans.

Professor Hoffmann: A Study by J.B. Findlay and T.A. Sawyer (1977). Limited, numbered edition.

Chess by K.M. Grover and T. Wiswell (1941). Signed/inscribed by Tom Wiswell.

Bobby Fischer proti českým velmistrům by M. Filip, V. Hort, L. Kaválek, D. Navara and L. Pachman (2010). Limited edition of 77 numbered copies.

Mis 60 mejores partidas by R. Fischer (1986). 

My 60 Memorable Games by R. Fischer (2008). 

Skvoz prizmu poluveka by S. Flohr (1985). 

Chess Personalia by J. Gaige. The privately circulated 1994 edition.

L’expertise cognitive aux échecs by I. Getz (1996).

The Encyclopedia of Chess by H. Golombek (1977). Signed by Harry Golombek.

F.A. Philidor by V. Henkin and V. Barsky (2006). In Russian. 

Schachpartie durch Zeiten und Welten by H. and B. Holländer (2005).

The Beginner’s Book of Chess by F. Hollings. Various editions. 

Fragen der Zeit by G. Kasparov (1999). 

Chess in Jewish History and Hebrew Literature by V. Keats (1995).

books magazines

Chess from Morphy to Botwinnik by I. König (1952). Signed/inscribed by Imre König.

Viktor Korchnoi’s Best Games annotated by V. Korchnoi (1978). Signed by Viktor Korchnoi.

Nuevo tratado del juego de ajedrez by L.C. Labourdonnais. Modern reprint of 1853 edition.

The Adventure of Chess by Ed. Lasker (1950). Signed and with the bookplate of J.J. Barrett. Signature by Lasker pasted onto title page.

Das verständige Kartenspiel by Em. Lasker (1929).

El Ajedrez by A. Marcoff. Second edition. Undated. 

Shakhmatnye partii Paula Morphy by G. Maróczy (1929).

The Chess Digest by M. Morgan. Four volumes. (1901-05).

My One Contribution to Chess by F.V. Morley. Inscribed by the author. (1946)

My One Contribution to Chess by F.V. Morley. (1945, 1946 and 1967 editions.

Erwin Voellmy by P. Müller-Breil (2005).

Cultures, Chess & Art, volume one by N. Munger (1996).

New in Chess Yearbook

Primer libro del ajedrecista by J. Paluzíe y Lucena (1942). Also, other books by the same author.  

Шахматы для начинающих by V. Panov (1954). 

Jump in the Waves by J. Piatigorsky (1988). Signed/inscribed by Jacqueline Piatigorsky.

Manual del Ajedrecista by M. Ricart (1925).

Chess for the Rank and File by W.L. Roche and A.F. Battersby (1947).

Chess Shorthand by H. Salzer (1971).

Two Appendices to Chess Shorthand by H. Salzer (1973).

Guide pratique du Jeu des Combinaisons by V. Soultanbéieff (1950).

A set of brochures, catalogues and postcards on the chess-related artwork of Nicolas Sphicas, including a compliments card signed by the artist.

books magazines

Richtig Opfern! by R. Spielmann (1935).

Die hypermoderne Schachpartie (six individual instalments) by S. Tartakower (1924).

books magazines

Magnus Carlsen Nappulasta kuninkaaksi by H. Torkkola (2014).

books magazines

The Buke of the Chess by C. van Buuren (1997).

Análisis del juego de ajedrez, volume one by A.C. Vázquez (1889).

Análisis del juego de ajedrez, volume two by A.C. Vázquez (1889).

El ajedrez crítico by A.C. Vázquez (1889). Signed by Enrique Muńoz.

books magazines

The Golden Treasury of Chess
by F.J. Wellmuth. (1943) Signed by Francis J. Wellmuth. Limited, numbered edition. Also other editions.

Der Jungen Knaben Spiegel by J. Wickram (1917). 

Birth of the Chess Queen by M. Yalom (2004). Signed by Marilyn Yalom. 

Il Giuoco de gli Scacchi Di Rui Lopez, Spagnuolo (1988 reprint of the original 1584 edition).

Караван (Karavan). November 2008 magazine. Pages 318-349 of this large Russian magazine have an extensive article on Capablanca, entitled Капабланка: гений игры.

books magazines

Volumes in the series Veliki Majstori Šaha (Belgrade, 2006-09): 1: Philidor, Labourdonnais, Staunton, Anderssen and Morphy. 2: Steinitz. 3: Lasker. 4: Capablanca. 5: Chigorin. 6: Janowsky. 7: Tarrasch. 8: Schlechter. 9: Rubinstein. 10: Marshall. 11-I: Alekhine. 11-II: Alekhine.

books magazines


Also available: chess and checkers books by David A. Mitchell.

Various titles in Hebrew.

Various titles in Hellenic.


The Pocket Guide to the Chess Openings by R.C. Griffith and J.H. White (1920).

Caro-Kann-Opening by J. Davidson (1938).

Grünfeld Verdediging en Schaakpractijk by L. Prins (1941).

El contragambito Albin by E.J. Marchisotti (1950).

Sicilian Defence by A. Koblenz (1955). In Russian. Signed/inscribed by Alexander Koblenz to H. Golombek.

books magazines

A Guide to Chess Openings by L. Barden (1957).

Modern Opening Chess Strategy by H. Golombek (1959). Signed/inscribed by Harry Golombek.

Chess Openings Theory and Practice by I.A. Horowitz (1964). Signed by Al Horowitz.

Staroindiskaya dlinoyu v zhizn by E. Gufeld (2002).

Endings and studies

Collection of Chess Studies by A.A. Troitzky (1937).

Instructive Endings by R. Brieger (1980). With handwritten letter and problem by Robert Brieger.

Batsford Chess Endings by J. Speelman, J. Tisdall and R. Wade (1993). Signed by Speelman and Wade.

Year Books

Schach-Jahrbuch für 1892/93 by J. Berger (1893).

Ranneforths Schachkalender (various years).

British Chess Federation Year Book (various years, post-Second World War).

Schach-Taschen-Jahrbuch 1966.


The Twentieth Century Retractor, Chess Fantasies, and Letter Problems by Mrs W.J. Baird (1907).

books magazines

The Artistry of the Chess Problem by B.G. Laws (1923).

The Chess Problem Science by C.S. Kipping (1938).

Probleemcomponisten Dr L.N. de Jong (1941).

The Danish Wizard. One Hundred Chess Problems of Knud Harald Hannemann (1963).

Card with length handwritten message by V.L. Eaton. 

Tournaments and matches

Caissa Editions series:

London, 1893

London, 1904

Vienna, 1924, Vienna, 1925,

Vienna, 1926

Bad Bartfeld, 1926

Vienna, 1927

Bremen, 1927

Vienna, 1928

Vienna, 1928

Vienna, 1931

Mexico City, 1932

Vienna, 1932

Vienna, 1933

Vienna, 1934-35

Bad Liebwerda, 1934

Tatatovaros, 1935

Vienna, 1936

Berlin, 1937

Brno, 1937

Vienna, 1937-38

Bad Saarow, 1937

Krefeld, 1938

Karlsruhe, 1938-39

Vienna, 1939

Bad Elster, 1939 and Bad Elster, 1940

Amsterdam-Hilversum-The Hague, 1939

Hastings, 1938-39

Vienna, 1939 and Budapest, 1940

Bournemouth, 1939

Kemeri-Riga, 1939

Stockholm, 1897, Copenhagen, 1899 and Göteborg, 1901 (1902).

Vienna, 1903 by J. Spence (1967).

Cambridge Springs, 1904 by J.R. Schroeder.

St Petersburg, 1909 by Em. Lasker. In German. (1909).

books magazines

Stockholm, 1912 by G. and L. Collijn (1912).

Copenhagen, 1916 by G. and L. Collijn (1916).

Berlin, 1918 (Kübel).

Baden Baden, 1925 by N. Grekov. In Russian. (1927).

Marienbad, 1925. Published by Kagan. (1925).

Paris, 1925 (1925).

Niendorf, 1927 (Kübel).

Budapest, 1928 (Kübel).

Göteborg, 1929 (Nordisk Skaktidende, October 1929).

Carlsbad, 1929 (Spence). Limited numbered edition.

Nice, 1930 (Kübel).

Stockholm, 1930 (Nordisk Skaktidende, November 1930).

Bled, 1931. In Russian. (1934).

Berne, 1932 by W. Bonacker (1932).

New York City, 1933 (Spence). Limited numbered edition.

Leningrad, 1934. In Russian. (1935).

Bad Nauheim, 1935 (Michel).

Moscow, 1935. In Russian. (1936).

Warsaw, 1935 Olympiad by H. Müller.

Hastings, 1935-36 by G. Koltanowski. In Spanish. (1936).

Hastings, 1935-36 (Kübel).

Moscow, 1936 (published by Magyar Sakkvilág).

Moscow, 1936. In Russian. (2004).

Moscow, 1936 (Kübel).

Hastings, 1937-38 (Serie Schaakwereld tournooiboeken).

Noordwijk, 1938 (Serie Schaakwereld tournooiboeken).

Wereld-Kampioenschap Schaken 1948. Signed by Botvinnik, Euwe, Keres, Reshevsky and Smyslov. See Chess Autographs.

books magazines

The Hague/Moscow, 1948 by P. Keres (in Estonian, 1949).

Wereldschaaktoernooi Amsterdam 1950. (1950). Signed by all 20 participants in the tournament: van der Berg, Donner, Euwe, Foltys, Gligoric, Golombek, Gudmundsson, O'Kelly, Kottnauer, Kramer, Najdorf, Pilnik, Pirc, Reshevsky, Rossolimo, van Scheltinga, Stahlberg, Szabados, Tartakower and Trifunovic by Max Euwe and Lodewijk Prins. See Chess Autographs.

books magazines

The Fischer-Spassky Games by S. Reshevsky (1972).


The Rhode Island Literary Repository, December 1814. Five-page article on chess.

The Chess Player’s Magazine. Volume I. 1863. Moravian Chess reprint.

The Chess World Volume two. (1867).

The Chess World Volume three. (1867/68).

Brentano’s Chess Monthly. Full run, original loose issues. (1881-82).

Columbia Chess Chronicle, loose issues, 1888-89.

Í Uppnámi, 1901-02. Icelandic magazine (bound volume). 1980 reprint.

Chess Amateur, complete years (loose issues and bound volumes).

Tidskrift för Schack. Various bound volumes from 1911 onwards.

Magyar Sakkvilág, bound volume, 1926.

Bound volumes of the Tijdschrift van den Nederlandschen Schaakbond, 1920s and 1930s.

Magyar Sakkvilág, bound volume, 1931.

Complete years, bound and unbound, of Schackvärlden, 1920s, 1930s and 1940s.

Games Digest, 1937-38.

Chess Review. Loose issues, 1930s and early 1940s.

books magazines

Šachový týden, complete year, loose issues, 1938.

Enroque!!, complete years, bound in two volumes, 1941-47.

Enroque!!, complete year, bound, 1942.

Caissa, complete year, bound, 1942.

Estrategia, complete year, bound, 1942.

Le monde des échecs, complete year as issued, March-December 1946, bound, 1946.

American Chess Bulletin, May-June 1950. Includes an article on Paul Morphy.

Mainly from the 1980s and 1990s (mostly complete years of loose issues):

Ajedrez de Estilo
Ajedrez Revista Mensual
APCT News Bulletin
Bulleti d’escacs
Chess Horizons
Chess Informant
Chess Mate
The Chess Player
En Passant
Europe Echecs
Info Echecs
L’Italia Scacchistica
Jaque Mate (Cuba)
Jaque Mate (Spain)
Mundo del Ajedrezq
The New Chess Player
Ocho por Ocho
Players Chess News
Preto e Branco
Revista Internacional de Ajedrez
Revista Română de Șah
Rochade Europa
Šahovski Glasnik
Schach Report
Schach 64
Die Schweierische Schachzeitung
South African Chessplayer
SSKK Bulletinen
Suomen Shakki
Tidskrift för Schack

Magazines with minor or no chess content:

Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine, July-December 1850. US edition. 

Harper’s New Monthly Magazine, December 1851-May 1852. 

The Family Friend. Volume one. (1852). 

Figaro, 5 July 1882-27 January 1883. 

Knowledge, July-December 1883. 

Punch, 3 January-27 June 1885. 

Harper’s New Monthly Magazine, December 1887-May 1888. 

The Strand Magazine, January-June 1892. 

The Strand Magazine, July-December 1906. 

National Geographic Magazine, May 1931. (With article on Ströbeck.) 

World Theosophy, January 1931 (article entitled Esotericism of Chess by Claude Bragdon.) 

Related to Chess/Chess Enthusiasts

We should like to find a good home for sets of books which have given rise to feature articles, e.g. works (many signed) by Ely Culbertson, Reuben Fine, Alfred Kreymborg, Jim Phelan, Hubert Phillips and Sir John Simon. There are also many books on Nardus, Prokofiev and Tolstoy, as well as works authored by, and signed by, Gilbert Highet, a comprehensive set of historical (non-chess). books by P.W. Sergeant, the non-chess books of Fred Reinfeld and volumes on the Wallace murder, Thomas Hood and Tsar Nicholas II. Material related to Birdie Reeve is on offer. Productions by Jeremy Gaige, mostly unpublished, on chess personalia and tournaments can be supplied too, alongside a large collection of juvenilia, chess fiction and poetry.

Various books by Milan Vidmar and Lajos Steiner on electronics are available, as are many non-chess books which have been mentioned in C.N. over the years on account of some connection with our game.


books magazines

books magazines

Works of fiction include: The Right Moves by Anita Zelman (1988). Inscribed by the author.


A number of books about Marcel Duchamp and Man Ray can be provided.


The Trial of George Buchanan Before the Lisbon Inquisition by J.M. Aitken (1939).

books magazines

Lord Dunsany: A Biography by M. Amory (1972).

The Benedicts Abroad by C. Benedict (1930). With Clare Benedict’s compliments card.

books magazines

The Poems of Hannah Bryant Hazeltine (1910). Inscribed by the author. See C.N. 5456.


Infante’s Inferno by G. Cabrera Infante (1979). Signed/inscribed by G. Cabrera Infante.

Elmer Ernest Southard and His Parents. A Brain Study by M.M. Canavan (1925).

My Way with Polio by O. Dixson (1964). Signed/inscribed by Owen Dixson.

The Last Book of Wonder by Lord Dunsany (1916).

Patches of Sunlight by Lord Dunsany (1938).

The Donnellian Lectures 1943 by Lord Dunsany (1945).

While the Sirens Slept by Lord Dunsany (circa 1945).

Yesterday in Sports by J. Durant (1956). Includes an article on Morphy by R. Cantwell. 

Slavery Doomed: or, The Contest between Free and Slave Labour in the United States by F.M. Edge (1969). 

Books by Reuben Fine (unsigned): Freud. A Critical Re-Evaluation of His Theories (1962). Freud. A Critical Re-Evaluation of His Theories (1963). The Development of Freud’s Thought (1973). A History of Psychoanalysis (1979). Psychoanalytical Psychology (1983). Narcissism, The Self, and Society (1986).

The Open Mind. Elmer Ernest Southard by F.P. Gay (1938).

Intelligent Systems. The Unprecedented Opportunity by J.E. Hayes and D. Michie (1983). Signed/inscribed by Michie.

The Mystery to a Solution. Poe, Borges, and the Analytic Detective Story by J.T. Irwin (1994). Signed/inscribed by John T. Irwin.

Chess in the Mirror by R. Jeffrey (1980).

Trois Hulans by C. Joliet (1872).

Thieves in the Night by A. Koestler (1946).

The Heel of Achilles by A. Koestler (1974).

Troubadour by A. Kreymborg (1925). Signed by Alfred Kreymborg.

The Glasgow Athenaeum by J. Lauder (1897).

All Things Considered by B. Levin (1988). Signed/inscribed by Bernard Levin.

Viveka ... Viveca by V. Lindfors (1981). Signed/inscribed by Viveca Lindfors.

Mission to Avignon: Book One: The Chess Board by N. Lowson (1992). Signed/inscribed by Norman Lowson.

Ashwell’s World Routes by K.G.W. Lüdecke/Luedecke (1930).

books magazines

History of the Free-Trade Movement in England by A. Mongredien (1881).

My Histories by K.O. Morgan (2015). Autobiography of D.J. Morgan’s son. 

books magazines

Van Cuyp tot Rembrandt. De verzameling Cornelis Hofstede de Groot by L. Pijl (2005). Contains material on Nardus.

Coincidences by J. Plaskett (2000).

Skiing. A Beginner’s Guide by A.M. Reilly (1970). 

The Book of Blues by O. Rysden (1900). Includes records of university chess matches.

books magazines

History of the Rubber Industry by P. Schidrowitz and T.R. Dawson (1952).

Portrait of My Mother by Sir John Simon (1936). Signed/inscribed by Sir John Simon.

The Kingdom of Evils by E.E. Southard and M.C Jarrett (1922). With a two-page letter signed by Elmer Ernest Southard.

John G. Johnson Lawyer and Art Collector by B.F. Winkelman (1942). Inscribed by Barnie F. Winklelman.

books magazines

The Bi-Centennial Celebration of the Settlement of Litchfield, Connecticut, August 1-4-1920 by A.C. White (1920). 

Introduction to Psychology by R.M. Yerkes (1911). 

Philio-Lexikon Handbuch des Jüdischen Wissen (1936). Includes entries on Jewish chess masters. Also other editions. 


True to His Nickname by H. Avery (1912). 

Catherine Gladstone by M. Drew (1919). 

The Smart Set by C. Fitch (1897). Signed by Clyde Fitch.

books magazines

Tuxedo Park by J. Conant (2002). Signed by Jennet Conant.

books magazines

Building Jerusalem by T. Hunt (2004). Signed by Tristram Hunt.

The William Horne Collection by M. Eggermont-Molenaar (2015).

books magazines

Centaur by Félix Martí-Ibáńez (1968). Signed/inscribed by Félix Martí-Ibáńez.

books magazines

Clyde Fitch and His Letters by M.J. Moses and V. Gerson (1924).

A Dictionary of Legal Terms, Statutory Definitions and Citations by H.A.C. Sturgess and A.R. Hewitt (1940). 

“Before I Kill More ...” by L. Freeman (1955). Signed/inscribed by Lucy Freeman.

Assimil: La pratique de l’anglais (1957). Also other editions.

Evolution et structure de la langue française by W. v. Wartburg (1971). 

The Fearless Spectator by C. McCabe (1974). Signed by Charles McCabe.

The Good Man’s Weakness by C. McCabe (1974). Signed/inscribed by Charles McCabe.

books magazines

Dark Star (biography of John Gilbert). by L.G. Fountain (1985). Signed/inscribed by Leatrice Gilbert Fountain. 

books magazines

Chess with Violence by H. McCarney (1992). Signed by Hal McCarney. (Subtitle: Rum Running in the 1000 Islands. Not a chess book.) 

Living Leaders of the World (1889).

Also available: a number of signed copies of books by Clive James, as well as books (signed and unsigned) by Alistair Cooke.

books magazines


Banks’ Scientific Checkers by N.W. Banks (1929).

Tricks and Puzzles. How to Win at Checkers by N.W. Banks (undated).

Long v Hunt Match Games (1937).

Twentieth Century Checkers by K.M. Grover and T. Wiswell (1946). Signed/inscribed by Kenneth M. Grover.

Checker Kings in Action by T. Wiswell and M. Hopper (1952).

World’s Championship Checker Match American Style by N.W. Banks (1953). Tom Wisell’s copy, with his address label.

For works by Edward Winter, see Signed Chess Books.

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