Fischer Mysteries

Edward Winter

Note: this article, originally based on what we presented at ChessBase shortly after Fischerís death in January 2008, has now been deleted. The various items have been incorporated, as appropriate, into our other articles on Fischer:

Bobby Fischer Miscellanea
The Byrne v Fischer ĎGame of the Centuryí
Fischerís Views on Chess Masters
A Fischer Interview
Fischerís Fury
Instant Fischer
Fischerís Chess Column in Boysí Life
Fischer v Czerniak, Netanya, 1968
Spassky v Fischer, Reykjavik, 1972
Brad Darrach and the Dark Side of Bobby Fischer
A Letter from Bobby Fischer to Pal Benko
Fischer v Gligorić Training Match (1992)
My 61 Memorable Games (Bobby Fischer)
Books about Fischer and Kasparov

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