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‘A forum for aficionados to discuss all matters relating to the Royal Pastime’ was the description of Chess Notes in its first issue (January-February 1982), and until 1989 the series ran as a bimonthly periodical (C.N. items 1-1933). It resumed publication in 1993 as a syndicated column in many languages around the world (C.N.s 1934-2187). From 1998 to 2001 it was published exclusively in New in Chess (C.N.s 2188-2486) and subsequently appeared at the Chess Café (C.N.s 2487-3414). Since September 2004 Chess Notes has been located at The name ‘Chess History Center’ was dropped in 2018.

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February-October 2023
(C.N.s 11927-11972)

January-December 2022
(C.N.s 11905-11926)

January-November 2021
(C.N.s 11844-11904)

April-December 2020
(C.N.s 11799-11843)

March 2020
(C.N.s 11745-11798)

February 2020
(C.N.s 11701-11744)

January 2020
(C.N.s 11645-11700)

December 2019
(C.N.s 11576-11644)

November 2019
(C.N.s 11530-11575)

October 2019
(C.N.s 11491-11529)

September 2019
(C.N.s 11463-11490)

August 2019
(C.N.s 11430-11462)

July 2019
(C.N.s 11389-11429)

June 2019
(C.N.s 11340-11388)

May 2019
(C.N.s 11314-11339)

April 2019
(C.N.s 11276-11313)

March 2019
(C.N.s 11243-11275)

February 2019
(C.N.s 11207-11242)

January 2019
(C.N.s 11161-11206)

December 2018
(C.N.s 11123-11160)

November 2018
(C.N.s 11082-11122)

October 2018
(C.N.s 11037-11081)

September 2018
(C.N.s 10989-11036)

August 2018
(C.N.s 10938-10988)

July 2018
(C.N.s 10899-10937)

June 2018
(C.N.s 10851-10898)

May 2018
(C.N.s 10812-10850)

April 2018
(C.N.s 10785-10811)

March 2018
(C.N.s 10750-10784)

February 2018
(C.N.s 10721-10749)

January 2018
(C.N.s 10685-10720)

December 2017
(C.N.s 10657-10684)

November 2017
(C.N.s 10632-10656)

October 2017
(C.N.s 10604-10631)

September 2017
(C.N.s 10575-10603)

August 2017
(C.N.s 10538-10574)

July 2017
(C.N.s 10506-10537)

June 2017
(C.N.s 10467-10505)

May 2017
(C.N.s 10433-10466)

April 2017
(C.N.s 10404-10432)

March 2017
(C.N.s 10362-10403)

February 2017
(C.N.s 10327-10361)

January 2017
(C.N.s 10276-10326)

December 2016
(C.N.s 10237-10275)

November 2016
(C.N.s 10191-10236)

October 2016
(C.N.s 10137-10190)

September 2016
(C.N.s 10091-10136)

August 2016
(C.N.s 10047-10090)

July 2016
(C.N.s 10007-10046)

June 2016
(C.N.s 9952-10006)

May 2016
(C.N.s 9882-9951)

April 2016
(C.N.s 9829-9881)

March 2016
(C.N.s 9773-9828)

February 2016
(C.N.s 9710-9772)

January 2016
(C.N.s 9662-9709)

December 2015
(C.N.s 9611-9661)

November 2015
(C.N.s 9571-9610)

October 2015
(C.N.s 9510-9570)

September 2015
(C.N.s 9455-9509)

August 2015
(C.N.s 9401-9454)

July 2015
(C.N.s 9361-9400)

June 2015
(C.N.s 9304-9360)

May 2015
(C.N.s 9259-9303)

April 2015
(C.N.s 9200-9258)

March 2015
(C.N.s 9134-9199)

February 2015
(C.N.s 9076-9133)

January 2015
(C.N.s 9025-9075)

December 2014
(C.N.s 8948-9024)

November 2014
(C.N.s 8900-8947)

October 2014
(C.N.s 8864-8899)

September 2014
(C.N.s 8809-8863)

August 2014
(C.N.s 8756-8808)

July 2014
(C.N.s 8701-8755)

June 2014
(C.N.s 8675-8700)

May 2014
(C.N.s 8647-8674)

April 2014
(C.N.s 8621-8646)

March 2014
(C.N.s 8578-8620)

February 2014
(C.N.s 8514-8577)

January 2014
(C.N.s 8461-8513)

December 2013
(C.N.s 8418-8460)

November 2013
(C.N.s 8381-8417)

October 2013
(C.N.s 8325-8380)

September 2013
(C.N.s 8246-8324)

August 2013
(C.N.s 8173-8245)

July 2013
(C.N.s 8113-8172)

June 2013
(C.N.s 8080-8112)

May 2013
(C.N.s 8052-8079)

April 2013
(C.N.s 8019-8051)

March 2013
(C.N.s 7987-8018)

February 2013
(C.N.s 7956-7986)

January 2013
(C.N.s 7911-7955)

December 2012
(C.N.s 7868-7910)

November 2012
(C.N.s 7829-7867)

October 2012
(C.N.s 7794-7828)

September 2012
(C.N.s 7768-7793)

August 2012
(C.N.s 7743-7767)

July 2012
(C.N.s 7714-7742)

June 2012
(C.N.s 7683-7713)

May 2012
(C.N.s 7636-7682)

April 2012
(C.N.s 7578-7635)

March 2012
(C.N.s 7537-7577)

February 2012
(C.N.s 7497-7536)

January 2012
(C.N.s 7430-7496)

December 2011
(C.N.s 7384-7429)

November 2011
(C.N.s 7341-7383)

October 2011
(C.N.s 7297-7340)

September 2011
(C.N.s 7249-7296)

August 2011
(C.N.s 7188-7248)

July 2011
(C.N.s 7133-7187)

June 2011
(C.N.s 7099-7132)

May 2011
(C.N.s 7063-7098)

April 2011
(C.N.s 7022-7062)

March 2011
(C.N.s 6980-7021)

February 2011
(C.N.s 6928-6979)

January 2011
(C.N.s 6884-6927)

December 2010
(C.N.s 6848-6883)

November 2010
(C.N.s 6818-6847)

October 2010
(C.N.s 6779-6817)

September 2010
(C.N.s 6746-6778)

August 2010
(C.N.s 6701-6745)

July 2010
(C.N.s 6655-6700)

June 2010
(C.N.s 6596-6654)

May 2010
(C.N.s 6557-6595)

April 2010
(C.N.s 6514-6556)

March 2010
(C.N.s 6495-6513)

February 2010
(C.N.s 6476-6494)

January 2010
(C.N.s 6438-6475)

December 2009
(C.N.s 6388-6437)

November 2009
(C.N.s 6360-6387)

October 2009
(C.N.s 6330-6359)

September 2009
(C.N.s 6293-6329)

August 2009
(C.N.s 6243-6292)

July 2009
(C.N.s 6197-6242)

June 2009
(C.N.s 6151-6196)

May 2009
(C.N.s 6100-6150)

April 2009
(C.N.s 6053-6099)

March 2009
(C.N.s 6014-6052)

February 2009
(C.N.s 5983-6013)

January 2009
(C.N.s 5932-5982)

December 2008
(C.N.s 5870-5931)

November 2008
(C.N.s 5818-5869)

October 2008
(C.N.s 5784-5817)

September 2008
(C.N.s 5742-5783)

August 2008
(C.N.s 5689-5741)

July 2008
(C.N.s 5643-5688)

June 2008
(C.N.s 5598-5642)

May 2008
(C.N.s 5443-5597)

April 2008
(C.N.s 5495-5542)

March 2008
(C.N.s 5442-5494)

February 2008
(C.N.s 5404-5441)

January 2008
(C.N.s 5366-5403)

December 2007
(C.N.s 5306-5365)

November 2007
(C.N.s 5255-5305)

October 2007
(C.N.s 5200-5254)

September 2007
(C.N.s 5134-5199)

August 2007
(C.N.s 5087-5133)

July 2007
(C.N.s 5037-5086)

June 2007
(C.N.s 5000-5036)

May 2007
(C.N.s 4966-4999)

April 2007
(C.N.s 4925-4965)

March 2007
(C.N.s 4874-4924)

February 2007
(C.N.s 4831-4873)

January 2007
(C.N.s 4791-4830)

December 2006
(C.N.s 4744-4790)

November 2006
(C.N.s 4690-4743)

October 2006
(C.N.s 4625-4689)

September 2006
(C.N.s 4555-4624)

August 2006
(C.N.s 4490-4554)

July 2006
(C.N.s 4444-4489)

June 2006
(C.N.s 4390-4443)

May 2006
(C.N.s 4338-4389)

April 2006
(C.N.s 4274-4337)

March 2006
(C.N.s 4204-4273)

February 2006
(C.N.s 4142-4203)

January 2006
(C.N.s 4075-4141)

December 2005
(C.N.s 4044-4074)

November 2005
(C.N.s 4000-4043)

October 2005
(C.N.s 3952-3999)

September 2005
(C.N.s 3909-3951)

August 2005
(C.N.s 3855-3908)

July 2005
(C.N.s 3809-3854)

June 2005
(C.N.s 3773-3808)
May 2005
(C.N.s 3726-3772)
April 2005
(C.N.s 3680-3725)
March 2005 (II)
(C.N.s 3648-3679)
March 2005 (I)
(C.N.s 3630-3647)
February 2005
(C.N.s 3589-3629)
January/February 2005
(C.N.s 3551-3588)
January 2005
(C.N.s 3517-3550)
December 2004
(C.N.s 3482-3516)
November 2004

(C.N.s 3455-3481)
September/October 2004
(C.N.s 3412-3454)

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A Fictitious Chess Book
The Immortal Game (Anderssen v Kieseritzky)
Chess and Postage Stamps
Reviewing Chess Books
The Danvers Opening (1 e4 e5 2 Qh5)
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The ‘Magnus Smith Trap’
Euwe and Alekhine on their 1937 Match
The Gibaud v Lazard Gamelet
An Alekhine Miniature
Macdonald v Burn, Liverpool, 1910
Chess: the Need for Sources
Chess and Computers
How to Write about Chess
Chess Grandmasters
Clive James and Chess
Jacob Bronowski and Chess
Stephen Fry and Chess
Chess and Murder
Chess and The Prisoner
Lasker on the 1921 World Championship Match
Chess Cartoons by Tom Webster
The Laws of Chess (1912)
The Laws of Chess (1931)
An Alekhine Blindfold Game
Chess: Jacqueline and Gregor Piatigorsky
‘Life’s too short for chess’
Capablanca v Steiner (Living Chess)
Hypermodern Chess
An Obscure Chess Master
A Chess Database
En prise (Chess Term)
Chess and War
Boris Spassky
Chess and Psychology
Rosanes v Anderssen, Breslau, 1863
Najdorf against the French Defence
Chess and Poetry
The Value of the Chess Pieces
Chess Myths
The World Chess Championship by Paul Keres
My 61 Memorable Games (Bobby Fischer)
Kasparov v Miles, Basle, 1986
Svetozar Gligorić (1923-2012)
Chess History: Photograph Collections
Chess Masters on Film
Ernst Ludwig Klein
Stefan Zweig and Chess
Edgar Allan Poe and Chess
Luck in Chess
Lasker v Janowsky, Paris, 1909
Chess History Research On-Line
Photographs of Nottingham, 1936
Nimzowitsch v Alapin
Сергей Прокофьев и шахматы
Fischer v Gligorić Training Match (1992)
A Letter from Bobby Fischer to Pal Benko
Гений и княгиня
Chess: Prodigies, Philosophy and Mathematics
Chess and Radio
A Chess Divan in the Strand
Chess: The Greatest
Chess Autographs
Photographs of Capablanca
The Caro-Kann Defence
Grimshaw v Steinitz
Books about Keres and Tal
Paul Morphy and Chess Politics
Ricardo Calvo: Persona non Grata
Chess: The History of FIDE
FIDE: The Prehistory
Vassily Smyslov (1921-2010)
Fast Chess
Chess and Hollywood
Chess and Television
The Cambridge v Bedlam Chess Story
Reuben Fine, Chess and Psychology
Fischer’s Views on Chess Masters
The Chess Historian H.J.R. Murray
A Fischer Interview
Bribery in the Chess World
Chess Anecdotes
The Spite Check in Chess
The Frank Hollings Conundrum
Kasparov Interviews
Anthony E. Santasiere
Charles Dickens and Chess
Chess Journalism and Ethics
Chess Ratings
A Pawn Ending Mystery
The Australian Nimzowitsch
The Smothered Mate
Franklin Knowles Young
The Kings of Chess
Alekhine’s Defence
Jacques Mieses
Steinitz, Lasker, Potter and ‘Modern Chess’
Dr Lasker’s Chess History
Chess Camouflage Publications
John Ruskin and Chess
Capablanca v Fine: A Missed Win
Bent Larsen (1935-2010)
S. Lipschütz – Samuel, Simon or Solomon?
Akiba Rubinstein’s Later Years
World Chess Championship Rules
Chess and the English Language
Chess Jottings
Instant Chess
CHESS The Musical
Fischer’s Chess Column in Boys’ Life
Andrew Bonar Law and Chess
The Garry Kaspartov Scam
Chess Photograph and Signatures
Larousse du jeu d’échecs
A Chess-Billiards Concoction
The Alekhine v Nenarokov Hoax
The Pride and Sorrow of Chess
What is a Chess Combination?
Chess, Literature, and Film
Cuttings (Facts about Raymond Keene)
Chess Morganisms
Réti v Tartakower, Vienna, 1910
The Riddle of Swiderski’s Suicide
The Chess Prodigy Rodrigo Flores
Karpov’s Writings
Confusion over Alekhine v Najdorf
Kasparov’s How Life Imitates Chess
Capablanca’s Death
Graves of Chess Masters
Why ‘Morphy’s Defence’?
Daniel Starbuck (1856-84)
The 1986 FIDE Presidential Election
Books about Leading Modern Chessplayers
Chess: Hitler and Nazi Germany
Wade v Bennett
The Marshall Gambit
Professor Isaac Rice and the Rice Gambit
Sergei Prokofiev and Chess
Amsterdam, 1954: A Chess Photograph
Who Was Birdie Reeve?
New York, 1915: A Chess Photograph
Ely Culbertson and Chess
Morrison v Capablanca, London, 1922
London, 1899 Pen-portraits
The Polish Immortal
A Question of Credibility
The 1936 Munich Chess Olympiad
Old Opening Assessments
Comic Relief
FIDE Championship (1928)
An Indian Copying Mystery
Capablanca Book Destroyed
Warriors of the Mind
A Unique Chess Writer
Steinitz v von Bardeleben
Attacks on Howard Staunton
Chess Corn Corner
Capablanca in New York World (1925)
Memory Feats of Chess Masters
The Chess-loving Puzzle-master
Rupert Brooke and Chess
Master Roberts
Nimzowitsch the ‘Crown Prince’
The Rubinstein Trap
Large Simultaneous Displays
The Chess Wit and Wisdom of W.E. Napier
The Most Famous Chess Quotations
A Great Chess Figure
Pachman, Bohatirchuk and Politics
Alfred Kreymborg and Chess
Hans Frank and Chess
Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Chess
Books about Korchnoi and Karpov
The London Rules
Chess and British Royalty
Chess and Untimely Death Notices
The Horowitz-Wellmuth Affair
The Guinness World Records Slump
Chess and the Wallace Murder Case
Steinitz versus God
Leo Tolstoy and Chess
Léonardus Nardus
Chess and Sherlock Holmes
The Réti Brothers
Steinitz Stuck and Capa Caught
The Consultation Game That Never Was
Chess and Bridge
The Caissa-Morphy Puzzle
Long Calculation
Lord Dunsany and Chess
The Capablanca-Pokorny Fiasco
Morphy v the Duke and Count
The Fox Enigma
Chaos in a Miniature
The Mysterious Frederick D. Rosebault
Capablanca’s Reply to Lasker
Alekhine on Munich, 1941
Early Uses of ‘World Chess Champion’
Capablanca Interviewed in 1939
A Lecture by Capablanca (1932)
Capablanca on San Sebastián, 1912
Capablanca on Maróczy
Capablanca on Moscow, 1925
Capablanca in the English Review
Capablanca: How I Learned to Play Chess
Reminiscences by Capablanca
Chess and the House of Commons
Steinitz Quotes
Capablanca on his Predecessors
Sultan Khan
Two Alekhine Interviews (1941)
Marshall’s ‘Gold Coins’ Game
Chess in the Courts
Adams v Torre – A Sham?
International Language (Chess and Esperanto)
Alexander McDonnell
Breyer and the Last Throes
A Nimzowitsch Story
The Saburovs
Capablanca v Alekhine, 1927
A Chess Hoax
Who Was R.J. Buckley?
A Chessplaying Astronomer
A Fake Chess Photograph
A Chess Whodunit
Chess with Violence
The Genius and the Princess
Capablanca v Fonaroff
Alekhine Renaissance
Alekhine’s Death
Janowsky Jottings
Chess in 1924
The Chess Seesaw
Mysteries at Sabadell, 1945
How Capablanca Became World Champion
Kasparov, Karpov and the Scotch
Royal Walkabouts
Chess and Jews
Chess and Music
Worst-ever Chess Book?
A Chess Idealist
Seven Alekhine Articles
Reinfeld’s Non-Chess Books
‘The Swiss Gambit’
The Knight Challenge
James A. Leonard
Alekhine on Carlsbad, 1929
Chess and Women
Chess Records
William Shakespeare and Chess
The Very Best Chess Books
Books about Capablanca and Alekhine
Unusual Chess Words
Earliest Occurrences of Chess Terms
Kasparov and his Predecessors
Chessplayer Shot Dead in Hastings
Immortal but Unknown
Chessy Words
A Forgotten Showman
Jaffe and his Primer
Analytical Disaccord
Pillsbury’s Torment
Books about Fischer and Kasparov
A Sorry Case (Eric Schiller)
A Publishing Scandal
The Games of Alekhine
Chess Awards
Edge Letters to Fiske
Kasparov’s Child of Change
Chess Prodigies
The Termination
Petrosian’s Games
Searching for Bobby Fischer (Josh Waitzkin)
World Championship Disorder
Instant Fischer
Karpov’s Chess is My Life
Historical Havoc
Copyright on Chess Games
Was Alekhine a Nazi?
Jeremy Gaige
A Catastrophic Encyclopedia
Capablanca Goes Algebraic
Edge, Morphy and Staunton
World Champion Combinations
Over and Out
A Chessplaying Statesman
Napoleon Bonaparte and Chess
The Facts about Larry Evans
War Crimes
Fischer’s Fury
Where Did They Live?

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Lasker Speaks Out (1926) by Richard Forster

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FIDE Chess Congress 1939: An Investigation by Richard Forster

Anthologies of Chess Notes, with illustrations and textual additions:

Chess Explorations (1996)
Kings, Commoners and Knaves (1999), with a Foreword by Yasser Seirawan
A Chess Omnibus (2003), with a Foreword by Jan Timman
Chess Facts and Fables (2006)

Also available: Capablanca A Compendium of Games, Notes, Articles, Correspondence, Illustrations and Other Rare Archival Materials on the Cuban Chess Genius José Raúl Capablanca, 1888-1942 (2011 paperback reprint of the original 1989 edition)

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