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Edward Winter

Personally inscribed copies of most of our books can be provided, although some are in short supply.

Chess Explorations (1996). No longer available.



Which excoriating document did Bobby Fischer submit to Chess Notes? Who was the three-year-old billed as a chess prodigy? How did a game leave both players in hospital? Did Alekhine try to commit suicide? Who invented the Rook’s Gambit Declined? The answers to these questions, and many more, are to be found in this engrossing book.

Chess Notes has delighted players around the world for more than a decade. Initially published as a journal but now a syndicated magazine column appearing in half a dozen languages, Edward Winter’s creation provides fresh and colourful material on all aspects of chess, past and present.

Often humorous, always penetrating, this selection from the journal features a miscellany of neglected brilliancies, combinations, howlers, witticisms, enigmas, hoaxes and much more. Whether extolling chess kings or exposing chess rogues, unearthing forgotten facts about Steinitz or scrutinizing the statements of Kasparov, Chess Notes sets the record straight in what Harry Golombek described as ‘a most refreshing acerbity of tone’.

What they have said about Chess Notes:

‘Fascinating.’ Inside Chess

‘A bimonthly treat to look forward to.’ New in Chess

‘In no other magazine in the world will you find so much information on Capablanca, Alekhine and all the other champions.’ Europe Echecs

‘Devoted to chess history and investigative reporting, all with the highest standards of journalistic integrity.’ Chess Life.

Kings, Commoners and Knaves (1999). With a Foreword by Yasser Seirawan. 30 Euros.

        commoners and knaves

ings, commoners
        and knaves

A Chess Omnibus (2003). With a Foreword by Jan Timman. 35 Euros.

a chess

a chess

An exceptionally wide-ranging anthology featuring hundreds of rare games, puzzles, photographs, biographies, exposés, bons mots and much more.

‘Edward Winter is the chess world’s foremost authority on its rich history. Through his research and writings he has developed a unique voice which has brought the game’s history to life for chess lovers all over the world.’ – Yasser Seirawan

‘Writers on chess history and the games of yesteryear are not normally pathfinders or perfectionists, but Edward Winter is an exception, taking great pains not only to tackle difficult research tasks but also to present the facts precisely. Throughout his writings he keeps the reader fully aware of the source of the information offered, and such respect for truth, which is also respect for the reader, is rare indeed in chess literature.’ – Jan Timman

‘Winter’s absolute insistence on excellence (and his absolutely scrupulous fairness), together with his unremitting attacks on the cheapjacks and schlock merchants of the chess-book world, have had profoundly beneficial effects upon chess publishing.’ – Kingpin

‘Over the years he has not only amassed a vast amount of knowledge on chess lore – much of which had been lost or forgotten in the passage of time – but he has shown great skill in evaluating, correcting, utilizing and publishing this information. A perfectionist through and through, his energy and enthusiasm are fuelled by a commitment to presenting the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.’ – CHESS

Chess Facts and Fables (2006). 40 Euros.

chess facts
        and fables

chess facts and

In this book, Edward Winter (‘the world’s greatest chess historian’ in the words of US scholar and master John Donaldson) delves deeply into chess lore to separate reality from myth. Intended for both the general enthusiast and the devotee of the game’s history, Chess Facts and Fables features not only the leading masters in their moments of triumph, tragedy and controversy but also many neglected players and unsung heroes. There are investigations into famous and not-so-famous chess mysteries and hoaxes, as well as forgotten brilliancies and illuminating quotations. Detailed sources are given, and numerous items include contributions from the author’s correspondents worldwide. Illustrated with 219 scarce photographs and 210 diagrams of chess positions, the book concludes with a comprehensive bibliography and four indexes.

Capablanca A Compendium of Games, Notes, Articles, Correspondence, Illustrations and Other Rare Archival Materials on the Cuban Chess Genius José Raúl Capablanca, 1888-1942 (2011). 35 Euros.



The 1989 hardback edition is no longer available from us.


‘There are very few chess books published which have become classics … a masterpiece … you will marvel at [this book’s] excellence … scrupulously detailed … the book is simply wonderful’ – Chess Life;

‘A wonderful piece of scholarship.’ – New In Chess;

‘Undoubtedly one of the best chess books I have read.’ – Nigel Short;

‘A magnificently researched work by the world’s most renowned chess historian.’ – Yasser Seirawan;

‘Edward Winter’s brilliant book Capablanca stripped the fluff from the third world champion’s legend, letting long-forgotten facts separate man from myth and showing that, at times, the actual man was far greater than the myth would have us believe. By humanizing someone who was always deemed larger than life, and was idolized by chessplayers and non-chessplayers alike, Edward Winter, the world’s greatest and most respected chess historian, has given us a piece of literature that has become a legend unto itself, and is universally viewed as one of the greatest books ever written about chess.’ – Jeremy Silman, (;

‘A gem. I think Capablanca would have chosen it as the best of all the books on him. It represents a tremendous amount of work. A wealth of material has been amassed with the precision and care of a devotee. It is also a beautifully produced tome, with that sober elegance so characteristic of Capablanca himself.’ – Olga Capablanca Clark.

107 Great Chess Battles 1939-1945 by A. Alekhine. Edited and translated by Edward Winter (1992). 20 Euros.

107 great
        chess battles

107 great
        chess battles

A few mint copies of the original (1980) edition, 107 Great Chess Battles, are also available, in paperback (35 Euros) and hardback (45 Euros).

107 great chess

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As mentioned in our feature article on Clive James, we are able to supply a number of his books inscribed by him (essays, fiction, autobiographical works and anthologies of his poetry).

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