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2 February 2016: C.N.s 9710-9713
4 February 2016: C.N.s 9714-9716
5 February 2016: C.N.s 9717-9720
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Joseph Henry Blackburne

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Chess and the Wallace Murder Case
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9710. The First World War

Chess and the Code-Breakers, which focuses on the Second World War, prompts Vladislav Tkachiev (Moscow) to ask for information about chess figures who made a contribution, in whatever capacity, to the war effort of any country during the period 1914-18.

9711. Tidskrift för Schack


A run of this magazine is available on-line.

9712. Bauer v Porges (C.N. 9691)

Jan Kalendovský (Brno, Czech Republic) reports a reference to J.H. Bauer and play at the Café français in Prague on page 474 of the Allgemeine Sport-Zeitung, 29 May 1884:


9713. Purdy on Logical Chess Move by Move

purdy chernev

The above passage about Logical Chess Move by Move by Irving Chernev comes from page 80 of the March-April 1967 Chess World. It was omitted from page 65 of The Search for Chess Perfection II by C.J.S. Purdy (Davenport, 2006) and from page 147 of The Chess Gospel According to John edited by R.J. Tykodi and Bob Long (Davenport, 2010). In both books its place would have been just before the paragraph beginning ‘In this series ...’.

9714. Tabia/Tabiya (C.N.s 9689 & 9699)

Dan Scoones (Coquitlam, BC, Canada) draws attention to the discussion on page 10 of Вопросы современной шахматной теории by Isaac Lipnitsky (Moscow, 1956):


The diagrams mentioned by Lipnitsky in the penultimate paragraph were on page 11:


See too pages 12-13 of the English translation (by John Sugden), Questions of Modern Chess Theory (Glasgow, 2008).

9715. Spielmann’s tournament performances

From page 79 of Modern Master-Play by F.D. Yates and W. Winter (London, 1929), in the section on Rudolf Spielmann:

‘A curious feature of his record is the unevenness of his performances. He himself maintains that he plays as consistently well in tournaments where he has been less successful as in those which he has won, and he explains the difference in the results by what may almost be termed the luck of the game. If this really exists it is more applicable to the case of an attacking player, since he commits his whole game to an onslaught, the outcome of which it is in many cases impossible to foresee.’

9716. The Classical Era of Modern Chess (C.N. 8856)


Wanted: references to authoritative reviews of the 594-page book The Classical Era of Modern Chess by Peter J. Monté (Jefferson, 2014).

As a small example of the book’s contents, below is a chart on page 22:


9717. Colonel Moreau (C.N.s 9441 & 9490)

Until now, no portrait of Colonel Moreau has been available, but Olimpiu G. Urcan (Singapore) has found the photograph below, reproduced here courtesy of the London Borough of Hackney Archives (photograph reference number D/S/1/3 no.3):


9718. Chigorin

C.N. 1106 (see pages 192-193 of Chess Explorations) noted W.H. Watts’ remark that at Hastings, 1895 he ‘had expected Chigorin to be a great burly Russian, but found him in fact a small jerky man, no bigger than Steinitz’.

An addition from page 10 of the Columbia Chess Chronicle, 10 January 1889 (with an underestimation of his age):

‘On Wednesday, 9 January, Mr Tchigorin arrived in New York. Mr Tchigorin is in the diplomatic service of Russia. He is about 36 years old, short in stature and compactly built. He has black hair and flashing black eyes.’

9719. Corn

To Chess Corn Corner many additions from the Columbia Chess Chronicle could be made, but one extract will suffice, from page 145 of the 12 May 1888 issue:


9720. Sokolov book


Ivan’s Chess Journey by Ivan Sokolov (Ghent, 2016) shows no sign of involvement by anybody of English mother tongue.

9721. A German publication

From page 24 of Bobby Fischer Goes to War by David Edmonds and John Eidinow (London, 2004):


At the start of an article entitled ‘The Mystery of the Chess Spectator’ on pages 80-83 of the 1/2016 New in Chess Mr Edmonds has rightly dispensed with his claim about a ‘book ... containing three hundred blank pages’:


Another chess poser is why any writer would use the words ‘It is said that there was once ...’, and especially on a matter where the facts have been clearly established.

Our latest feature article, A Fictitious Chess Book, brings together the series of C.N. items about the German publication.

9722. Frederick Orrett

Michael McDowell (Westcliff-on-sea, England) has sent us over 30 illustrations by Frederick Orrett (1858-1939), and we begin by showing his depiction of Eugene Henry (C.N. 9680):


J.H. Blackburne (with, in the background, que instead of qui) and F.J. Marshall:



Further material provided by Mr McDowell will be shown in future items.

In the early twentieth century, Orrett’s artwork was often in the BCM. Examples: April 1905, page 142; September 1905, frontispiece (see C.N. 3694); October 1905, page 438; January 1906, frontispiece; November 1908, page 477; November 1910, page 484. Below is page 263 of the June 1908 BCM:


Page 8 of the Falkirk Herald, 19 August 1908 reported that ‘a short sketch and photo of Mr Orrett’ had been published in the Liverpool Weekly Courier, but we have yet to find that item. The discussion of Orrett’s work on page 84 of the February 1909 BCM was reproduced in C.N. 9680.

A number of sketches and cartoons by Orrett were published in Chess Chatter & Chaff by Philip H. Williams (Stroud, 1909), including the illustration shown at the beginning of The Chess Seesaw. Below is page 377 of the September 1908 Chess Amateur:


Orrett was also a problemist, and the composition below comes from page 10 of the Falkirk Herald, 20 November 1935:


Page 15 of the Falkirk Herald, 29 April 1938 reported on Orrett’s 80th birthday:


His death was announced on page 7 of the Manchester Evening News, 9 October 1939:


The most detailed obituary found was on page 10 of the Falkirk Herald, 18 October 1939:


On page 14 of its 20 December 1939 edition the Falkirk Herald gave another problem by Orrett:



Mate in three.

T.R. Dawson noted Orrett’s death on page 68 of the February 1940 BCM:


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