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Chess Notes

Edward Winter

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2 May 2016: C.N.s 9882-9885

Ernst Falkbeer

A selection of feature articles:

Edgar Allan Poe and Chess
Сергей Прокофьев и шахматы
World Champion Combinations

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9882. New York, 1987

Eduardo Bauzá Mercére (New York, NY, USA) has forwarded two photographs which he took during the New York Open tournament in 1987:

rhode spassky benjamin

Michael Rhode, Boris Spassky, Joel Benjamin

fedorowicz portisch

John Fedorowicz, Lajos Portisch

9883. Adeler v Choinatzky (C.N. 9878)

Thomas Binder (Berlin) informs us that the family of Erhard Adeler has provided his years of birth and death: 1901 and 1976.

9884. Christopher Nicole


From page 61 of Introduction to Chess by Christopher Nicole (London, 1973):

‘It is difficult to imagine a position very much stronger than both sides before the first move; so from then on you are steadily weakening yourself. What you have to try to do is weaken the other chap more.’

9885. Photographic archives (18)

From our archive collection, photographs of the late Victor Gavrikov have been presented in C.N. 9590 and in Chess Jottings. A further picture (Biel, 1991) is added now:


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